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Created for all Body Types & Experience Levels


Slow down and breathe deep

With the support of props we are able to sit in poses for extended periods of time allowing for a deep meditative practice. After a tough climbing session, this class offers our muscles a chance to rest and restore, the poses promote fresh blood flow to these tight spaces.

Mondays 6:00pm

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Find your flow

Linking the breathe with each movement, we create a sequence of poses that flow together seemlessly. This practice of yoga creates a steady rhythm that allows the class to flow as one unit.

Wednesdays 6:00pm

Thursdays 6:00pm


Climb Sessions

Learn from our instructors - for free!

This class aims to provide new climbers with the foundational knowledge and advice that can help participants take their climbing to the next level. Centered around community, these sessions will connect participants with other Climb members as the group works together to grow their skills and learn new techniques and strategies. Each session will focus on a different topic as a Climb instructor guides participants through many of the techniques and tactics necessary to become a skilled climber, including session preparation, footwork, body positioning, handwork, visualization and dynamic movement.

Mondays at 6PM 

*Class runs from June 3rd – June 24th*