Climb + Classes

Created for all Body Types & Experience Levels

Power Flow and Restorative

Get your zen on with Power Flow

Here we will push our endurance to the sweaty max as we flow through dynamic poses. With instructional support we are able to go beyond our physical boundaries in a disciplined way. This class will strengthen and support all levels of movement practice.

Mondays at 7:15pm

Alpine Fit

Be adventure ready!

This high intensity cardio class consists of 4-12 minute rounds designed to match the varied demands on the alpine climber. Expect hill running, pack climbing, core exercises, antagonist attention, and the occasional alpine surprise.

Mondays at 6:00pm

Wednesdays at 6:00pm

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Slow Flow Yoga

Ease into your yoga practice

A gentle vinyasa style practice, focused on connnecting breath and movement. This class will include longer holds and gradual, fluid transitions allowing for a meditative experience.

Tuesdays 11:15am

Saturdays at 9:15am

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Get in the flow

Linking the breathe with each movement, we create a sequence of poses that flow together seamlessly. This practice of yoga creates a steady rhythm that allows the class to flow as one unit.

Tuesday at 7:15pm

Wednesday at 7:15pm

Yin Yoga

Find the yin to your yang

Invite stillness into your life for physical and mental stress relief. Yin yoga helps release tension by targeting the connective tissues of the body through lengthening and slowly relaxing the muscles. Most poses are seated, supine, or prone, and are held for three to four minutes. Yin complements the more dynamic styles of yoga and exercise (Yang).

Thursdays at 6:00pm


Sunrise Flow

Start your morning right!

Calling all Climbers! This flow is designed to strengthen, stretch and increase mobility of the muscles climbing utilizes most. This class is set up in a typical Vinyasa style, with added elements to focus on finding your center of gravity. Expect to unlock your shoulders, target your core, and work on your flexibility. Climbing requires a heightened awareness of the full body, and that is the intention behind this class. Come ready to sweat!

Fridays at 6:15am

Yoga Strength

Find your inner strength

Yoga strength is a heat building practice that allows you to move with your breath while building cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. This flow based session will have students working through challenging poses and pushing mental boundaries.

Tuesdays 6:00pm

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Natural Flow

A flow to benefit your climbing!

Connect with the power of the human body with a series of flows designed to facilitate movement cantered around alignment. In this class, students will be challenged to move in new ways and in complex patterns. By exploring these experimental movements, students will begin to develop the groundwork for a deep awareness in their bodies and fluidity in their movement. 

Thursdays at 7:15pm

Power Yoga

Feel the power in your flow

Start your day off with a full-body class aimed at building focus, endurance and strength while linking movement with breathwork. The flow within this class will have you moving dynamically through poses for an energizing practice to push you through the week!

Wednesday 6:15am

Climb Sessions

This class aims to provide new climbers with the foundational knowledge and advice that can help participants take their climbing to the next level. Centered around community, these sessions will connect participants with other Climb members as the group works together to grow their skills and learn new techniques and strategies. Each session will focus on a different topic as a Climb instructor guides participants through many of the techniques and tactics necessary to become a skilled climber, including session preparation, footwork, body positioning, handwork, visualization and dynamic movement.

Mondays at 6PM 

*Class runs from June 3rd – June 24th*