Climb + Classes

Created for all Body Types & Experience Levels

Move Stretch Breathe

Join Shannon for a zen journey

Embark on a journey of continual, challenging and creative motion that promotes strength and flexibility all while quieting the mind. Each dynamic pose is linked with the breath to invoke sweat, spirit and a newfound appreciation for our own power.

Mondays 6:00pm

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Climb Kettlebells

Time to perfect your swing!

Kettlebells are an amazing tool to develop a wide array of physical characteristics including strength, power, and endurance. Kettlebells revolve around the big 6 movements; swings, cleans, snatches, pressing, squatting, and turkish get-ups.

Tuesdays 6:00pm

Power Flow​

Find your power through this strength based session!

Here we will push our endurance to the sweaty max as we flow through dynamic poses. With instructional support we are able to go beyond our physical boundaries in a disciplined way. This class will strengthen and support all levels of movement practice.

Thursdays 6:00pm

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Alpine Fit

Be adventure ready!

This high intensity cardio class consists of 4-12 minute rounds designed to match the varied demands on the alpine climber. Expect hill running, pack climbing, core exercises, antagonist attention, and the occasional alpine surprise.

Thursdays 7:15pm


Find your power through this strength based session!

Linking the breath with each movement, we create a sequence of poses that flow together seemlessly. This practice of yoga creates a steady rhythm that allows the class to flow as one unit.

Saturdays 9:15am

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Climb Sessions

Learn from our instructors - for free!

This class aims to provide new climbers with the foundational knowledge and advice that can help participants take their climbing to the next level. Centered around community, these sessions will connect participants with other Climb members as the group works together to grow their skills and learn new techniques and strategies. Each session will focus on a different topic as a Climb instructor guides participants through many of the techniques and tactics necessary to become a skilled climber, including session preparation, footwork, body positioning, handwork, visualization and dynamic movement.

10/3 – 11/7

Tuesdays 6PM

Yoga for climbers

Join Thea for this new yoga class!

Built for climbers, but open to all, this yin-style yoga class will help you find your center and stretch deeply. Climbers will stretch areas of the body that are left tense after a session, rehabilitate common climbing injuries, and strengthen opposing muscles to feel better supported on the wall. Climbers will learn breathing techniques and mental tools that promote blood flow, self-regulation, and set intentional goals that are personal and practical for every climbing style.

Wednesdays 6:00pm

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