Are You a Master of Movement?

This competition is not about how you compete against others... but how you compete against yourself. Climbers will be tested on many different styles of climbing at a given grade level. The climbs in this comp are diverse in the technique, strength, and skill required to complete them.

How It Works:

Climbers will ask for a scorecard at the front desk at Climb Murfreesboro based on what grade they climb (V1 - V9/10) and would like to "master." The scorecards will list a specified set of boulders to complete. If a climber fills one out completely, they can pick a more difficult one! The goal is to fill up an entire scorecard of the highest possible grade.

Climbers that fill an entire scorecard will be named "Masters of Movement" and given a sweet custom sticker.

EVENT DATES: 3/13 - 3/21
Comp is free for Climb members.
Non members will need to purchase a day pass to compete.
No reservation needed, just come on in!