Running. Biking. Climbing.

Are you ready to try hard? No, not like that, like "TRI-HARD"? Are you the type of person that prefers to spend their weekends sleeping in and going to brunch, or does the sound of grinding out some serious mileage in an adventure race sound more appealing? We have cooked up something special for those of you that embrace challenges like a parent embraces their child: the “TRI-HARD”. This event starts with a 5k, simple enough, right? The only thing is, once you’re done running, you have to jump on a mountain bike and ride over 10k through the forests and switchbacks of Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. Just when you think it’s almost over and the finish line is in sight, the climbing competition begins on a course designed by Climb Bentonville. This event is designed to find out who amongst us really has what it takes to TRI-HARD. So, I guess the question is, do you?

*Note: Mountain bikes are NOT provided for competitors. Please make arrangements to get access to a mountain bike prior to race day. Rentals available through our event partner, Phat Tire. See link below.

(Maximum attendance for this event is 100 people. Register now to secure your spot!)

Event Date: 11/6/2021
Event Time: 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Running Location: Start at Climb Bentonville and run to Coler Grove Parking lot
Mountain Biking Location: Coler Grove Mountain Bike Preserve
Climbing Location: Climb Bentonville
Cost: $70 + tax per person
All proceeds will be donated to local access organizations
Registration cost includes: 1 beer ticket, a Tri-Hard t-shirt, and a custom Tri-Hard Pint Glass. (T-Shirt is only included with “early” registration before October 6th.)
After party at Bentonville Brewery
More details can be found at the FAQ at bottom of the page

Things to Know

Bikes are not provided! Having access to a mountain bike is necessary, so plan accordingly. Rental bikes are available through Phat Tire, but only while supplies last! Link Below.
This event is not your typical race. Mountain biking and climbing can be challenging for new-comers. Competitors are highly encouraged to practice any and all disciplines prior to race day. The exact route will be shared with all competitors 2 weeks prior to the race.



1How will the Tri-Hard be scored?
Participants will receive three separate scores during the event: a time for their run, a time for their ride, and a score for their climb. Each of these scores will be ranked against the rest of the field, resulting in a ranking for each discipline. An individual’s combined rank will be calculated by multiplying these three ranks together and comparing these scores against the rest of the field.
2What is the format for the climbing competition?
The climbing portion of the event is route climbing, as opposed to bouldering. Climbers will be top roping and using autobelays to complete their routes. Don’t worry! All technical aspects of the event will be managed by trained individuals, so all participants have to think about is the climbing!
3Are there different categories?
There is a male category and a female category.
4How old do you have to be to compete?
You must be 16 years of age to compete in the Tri-Hard.
5Can non-members compete?
This competition is open to members and non-members!