At the heart of Climb Bentonville is our setting team… a creative, dedicated, and hardworking crew who provides our gyms with some of the best setting in the region! Lead by our Director of Route Setting, Jonathan Brandt, our team works tirelessly 5 days/week stripping, cleaning, resetting, and forerunning every single climb to provide fun, rewarding challenges for our members and guests! Each of our setters has their own unique style that is evident in each of the moves they set.

At Climb Bentonville, we are proud to have a team of setters that truly love what they do, and they see every day of setting as an opportunity to get creative, have some fun, and create routes that push our climbers to be the best they can be. Read on to learn a little bit about who our setters are, what makes them tick!


Danny moved to Bentonville from Nashville where he worked as a route setter at Climb Nashville, Climb Bentonville’s sister gym. He is interested in setting for high level climbing competitions and currently holds a USAC Level 2 route setting certification. He began climbing in 2011 back in Minnesota where he was raised, cutting his teeth at a few local cliffs around Red Wing. Danny considers himself an all-around climber, climbing everything from boulder problems to alpine big walls. When not out at the crag or the gym, you can find Danny writing and singing songs or testing out a new Instant Pot recipe.


Ryan, born and raised here in NWA found his love for climbing through bouldering when he went to an indoor climbing gym in Springdale for the first time on his 15th birthday. A full decade later at 25 he’s still falling further in love with the sport of climbing. Ryan sees the route setting process as an essential step to becoming an overall well-rounded climber. He plans to further his climbing knowledge and setting skills while developing his ever-growing understanding of movement. When Ryan isn’t climbing he is playing music too loudly and cooking some of his favorite dishes at home or with family.


Nigel moved to Bentonville from Nashville, where much like our head setter Danny, he worked as a route setter at Climb Nashville. He began climbing in the summer of 2019 and has hardly taken a day away from the wall since. Climbing quickly took over Nigel's life and he let it guide him out to Bentonville to spread his love for the sport. More often than not you'll find him training and handing out beta in the bouldering area.