Compete in the very first edition of the Bentonville Biathlon! This socially distanced running & climbing comp will take place over a 10 day period. Grab a teammate and check out all of the details below!

REGISTRATION DATES: 10/19 - 11/3 | EVENT DATES: 11/14 - 11/22
Climbing Location: Climb Bentonville
Running Location: Esther’s Loop in the Coler Mtn Bike Preserve
Team Categories: (1) Female Team, (2) Male Team, and (3) Mixed Team
Team Size: 2 competitors
Cost: $50 per team
Swag: Custom comp t-shirt


  • Competitors must use the “Strava” app to record a time for Esther’s Trail at the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve
  • Record your times and send a screenshot (example above) to danny@climbbentonville.com
  • Times must be sent in by the end of the competition period, which will be 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 22nd


  • Registered competitors will come in immediately after their run is complete and announce their intent to begin their climbing period
  • Teams will be given a scorecard and staff must record the time that the climbers check out their card (time must be within 2 hours of the completion of the running portion)
  • They will be given 90 minutes to climb as many routes as they can, only being scored on their hardest sends
  • Climbers must turn in their scorecard at the end of 90 minutes, and going over the time limit is prohibited. Staff will record time that the score card is returned.
  • Competition climbs will be clearly marked with a unique competition tag. These climbs will be off limits to competitors until their competition period. Competitors are not prohibited from watching other people climb the competition routes and gathering beta.
  • Scores will be released Tuesday, Nov 24th



1Do both team members have to do each event?
Yes! If either event is not completed by both teammates, that team will be disqualified.
2Can we use an app other than Strava to MapMyRun?
Sure thing, just make sure it includes your name, the GPS trail map, the time the run began, and the time of the run itself. If it is missing any of these things it will not be counted.
3How does scoring work?
Each participant will receive an individual time for the running portion and a score for the climbing portion. We will then add the scores of teammates together and rank them according to the highest climbing score and the fastest combined run times. A team's final rank will be those ranks multiplied together, much like how the IFSC scores their combined event.
4Can non-members compete? Is there an age limit?
This competition is open to members and non-members of all ages. Be aware that you will have to buy a day pass to use the climbing facility if you are a non-member.
5Is the climbing portion bouldering or rope climbing?
This is a rope climbing competition, and all of the climbs will be set up with top-ropes. You may lead them if you prefer, however there will be no advantage to doing so.